The Go Programming Language

New challenge, new application, new language. In the next months I will spend my time in developing a highly scalable web application based on Go / golang.

The application will consist of a couple of main components, including a webserver, a persistent FIFO queue and a couple of threadpools executing all sorts of things.

Looking forward to it!

Eat your own shit

Definition: Eat your own shit

What? Build an application around your own API, this enforces you to maintain a good API. The basis of a solid platform.

Java in-line HashMap initialisation

Did you know that it's possible to initialize a HashMap in Java in just one line?

MyClass.StaticFunction(new HashMap<String, String>() {{ put("key", "value"); }});

Flying high with CloudPelican

These days I'm really busy with working at FlxOne, and also developing the new CloudPelican project. It solves problems related to non-centralized, non-accessible data. CloudPelican makes it searchable in real-time with a good looking interface.

Got your attention? Take a look at our concept movie:

View the CloudPelican introduction movie

If you're interested in this you can signup for the public beta at

Copy gzip files recursively from Amazon S3

Configure s3cmd by running:

s3cmd --configure

Then continue to copy all the files from your directory tree:

s3cmd ls -r s3://your_bucket/folders_optionally_with_wildcard | grep "\.gz" | awk '{ print $4 }' | xargs -I '{}' s3cmd get {} /tmp/your_local_folder/

Future: drones dropping of medication

Year 2020. Old, weak, or sick people can get their medication via a drone, that drops of a tiny package at their front door. 
How cool would that be?!

Image of 3 quadricopters


Yes, I am alive, yet a little busy with FlxOne and CloudPelican. Of course there's a lot of cool things going on, but I didn't have time to write something, yet.

Extract email address from website url in Google docs spreadsheet

Really simple, use this "magic":

=LOWER(REGEXREPLACE(CONCAT("info@"; REGEXREPLACE(A1; "http(s)?://(www\.)?|\/$|\?(.*)$"; "")); "/(.*)"; ""))

Make sure you reference the A1 column to the one containing the website url.

My first external blog post

Today is the day, that my first external blog post was published. It explains why online marketers should leverage all the data available. Size does matter! I think you should read it when you are interested in big data, marketing or the combination of these.

How to: automated transition from Amazon S3 to Glacier

Since not so long Amazon has the Glacier service. This is a tape-robot-like system which is even cheaper for archiving your data. It has pros and cons. All together it's really simple, if you don not expect to need access to the data again, but want to store it for archiving, put it into Glacier. You can get it back from Glacier, but it's slow (in terms of hours) and expensive. 

So, my data is in Amazon S3, how to automatically move it to Glacier? Just follow me!

Step-by-step guide:

1. Login to your Amazon Webservices Console

2. Go to the S3 service page (the one that lists your buckets)

3. Now select your bucket and click the "Properties" button in the top left

4. Unfold the "Lifecycle" tab


5. Now you can add a new rule, click on the button

6. Click the "Add transition" button, and configure as proffered. Important fields are the period and the bucket selection (e.g. entire or partial by prefix) Warning: make sure you don't pick the expiration option, this will delete your data!


7. Now you're good to go, your data will be moved to the Glacier layer after 31 days.


Apache hive monitor script

Recently I noticed that our increasingly busy hive server started to fail more and more (couple of times a month). This caused issues in other parts of the system. To resolve some basic problems (dead process, not listening on the correct port) I wrote a little script that can run every minute (from the crontab).

I posted the script at Github. Check it out!

Of course it's not the best option out there, but it does the job and automatically resolves the issues I encountered.

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